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"We don't just want to show what you look like. We want to show who you are!"

Hi! I'm David Summerlin, the photographer for Summerlin Photography.

First.... all our methods are designed to give our customers the best possible experience from your first contact, being photographed, and receiving your final order. Don't be surprised if we ask a lot of questions on your first contact with us. I am insatiably curious and want to know all about your style, likes, dislikes, and preferrences so we can tailor your session to fit you perfectly. For High School Seniors, we insist mom or a friend come to help hold a reflector, help button and zip, and keep an eye on hair and clothing adjustments. After we decide on a day and time for your session, we'll continue to get to know each other via social media etc. We'll talk about clothing coordination, locations, and more. It's common to go to more than one location and allow plenty of clothing changes. We have a nifty portable dressing room. So don't worry about that. I love to hear all your ideas! Don't hesitate to let me know even your craziest idea! After your photo session, we'll set an appointment for your viewing/ordering session. That's where we sit down together in our comfortable studio and go through all your images and help you pick out your favorites for your package. We about always have a special or incentives to help you get what you want. We'll talk about retouching, and artwork. We'll show you lots of creative ways to help you get groupings, composites, and collections of images. Sometimes it's necessary to switch a head or two, slenderize a little, and special retouching we can discuss. You'll pay half down on your order at your viewing/ordering appointment and pay the rest when you pick up which is usually in 2 to 3 weeks after you order. We rush orders through for Christmas and graduation deadlines.


Winter senior Special!